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Clipper: The Reusable Ligher

Clipper: The Reusable Ligher

CLIPPER lighters have been a firm favourite with Irish consumers for decades and the CLIPPER brand is a renowned leader in the refillable lighter market on a global scale. The CLIPPER brand is recognised throughout the world for its ISO 9994 certified lighters assuring consumers CLIPPER lighters are safe. They are self-extinguishing, have a fixed flame, a non-cracking body and use the safest gas butane. It’s superior quality and standards, are a reflection of their safety and reliability. There’s no one better for quality and design!


In 2020, Clipper will launch a worldwide, creative digital media campaign with the objective to educate consumers about the advantages of reusability in day to day life with their “REDUCE, RECYCLE, REUSE” campaign promoting the reusability of plastic lighters. Since 1972, Clipper has provided the combination for reusability of plastic lighters with a selection of lighters, gas and accessories.

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In addition, CLIPPER as a manufacturer has taken conscious steps to “reduce” their impact on the environment;

  • CLIPPER lighters are made from Nylon, the strongest plastic material there is and as a result they use less plastic overall in the manufacturing process
  • 30% of each CLIPPER lighter is made from recycled materials
  • Electricity used in CLIPPER factories comes from renewable sources
  • Energy consumed in the CLIPPER production process has been reduced by 25% in the last 3 years


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The CLIPPER lighter originates from Europe and was designed in Barcelona, a city well known for its famous designers and architects. Founded in 1959 by FLAMAGAS S.A, the cylindric shape was designed by the well-known designer Enric Sarda in 1970. Today, production is over 200 million units a year and the CLIPPER brand is a world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of refillable lighters and a worldwide icon for millions of smokers around the world.


Ampersand will promote their CLIPPER range of lighters this spring and will be continually adding to their Design Collection for collectors of the brand. For more information please contact your Ampersand representative or call the sales line directly on 01 4130150.

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