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We have been working with Ampersand for the last 7 years with Pasqua but our relationship originates back in 1998 when the first bottle of Pinot Grigio Luna was shipped to Ireland.

Ampersand have developed the brand and increased awareness for Pasqua and Cecilia Beretta. We have worked closely on promotions, tastings and visits to the winery and the region to encourage customers and journalists to understand and know more about us and our wines. We have worked with both on and off trade and developed long lasting relationship with the customers.

We work closely together on the strategy and sales plan for the year, our relationship is very personal yet professional at the same time.

Ampersand have helped build brand awareness and a strong image for the brand. From our work with Ampersand we have gained good distribution and representation in Ireland.

We very much look forward to the future, we are working in a very difficult economic climate but we trust our partner and are sure that we will be able to grow and build our brands stronger year on year.

Cecilia Pasqua

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